Flowing Backgrounds/Modal Changes

I would like to request two buttons and an upload to change the backgrounds and modal features in each gambit.
I have a number of bots, all with their own marketing and logos that will soon be in one large flow. It would be nice to have visual representation and confirmations that a user has moved to a new bot or part of the company with the backgrounds and modal text/button colors/background changing as needed.
a dynamic look and feel would increase user immersion and get people to the finish line.
Thank you.

Interestingly enough, this was theorized to some extent a couple years ago.

@vinit built the fashion show bot seen here: https://fashionshow.hellotars.com/conv/H1Ieti/
The idea was to switch the design of the bot mid-conversation.

Your use case almost sounds like an affiliate network or a business network of different companies.

I could definitely see an immediate use case to changing the background image of the bot based on a trigger. It would make sense that the other colors do the same.

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This is amazing! I love it! @vinit, great example.

Yes. My company is divided into niches. Each niche has its own complete branding set and personalities.
Now that all the bots are operating from one flow, the only way I can show that a conditional choice has brought them to a new “personality” is with visual branding.
Color would be a great start. I would like to be able to upload my graphic backgrounds for each new section.
Thank you!

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