2018: What do you want to achieve this year?

So this is a simple thread to talk about our goals in 2018

  1. What we want to acheive
  2. What are we going to do about it, and
  3. How can we help others in pursuit of their goals

for us here are TARS:

  1. We want to grow 10x from where we are right now. Simple and Measurable.
  2. We will be working on making the product easier to use, more feature, reach out to more people, and do more partnerships, more integrations, better design, better performance, start adding some data driven intelligence, among other things.
  3. We will be using our product and services to help individuals, SMBs, Enterprises to help them achieve what they want to pursue. because when they are successful, only then we will be successful.

Do share yours as well.

  1. I want to get my new platform launched in web, iOS and Android by end of Q1 (web by end of Jan).
  2. I want to make use of bots in the registration and customer service areas on the web first, then integrate into mobile by Q3.
    2a. I’d also like to work with bots as part of my marketing and growth. I need to research this more, once I’ve got my relaunch in place.
  3. I want to grow my user base by a factor of 5 by year’s end.

And personally:

  1. I want to travel more. I took one month last year, and several small trips. I’m starting this year with 16 days in Thailand.


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  1. I want to grow business for Servicebotz
  2. I’m going to build some cool API bots that will work in specific industries
  3. Win an award or two (hopefully) for the bot system I built for MVD (I will know in March)
  4. Continue my refinement of large bot systems, develop best practices, and solid documentation/business processes
  5. Continue to push the boundaries of bots (Can’t stop, won’t stop)