About deploy videos inside the Tars platform?

Who with some particular experience please tell us about deploy videos inside the Tars platform? I see here a video tutorial about how to place to work a youtube video embed code inside Tars but if there some different way to make videos to run inside the platform. Base on your own experience if possible to work inside the platform with vooplayer?or any different video platform?Thanks for the attention.

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Hey @windshield,

I think you are referring to this help doc which explains how to embed a Youtube video:

In this doc you’ll see that it also talks about how to add a soundcloud clip in your chatbot by copy pasting the embed code for it in the message bubble.

This is actually true for any embeddable content, including the videos from other platforms. You just have to look for the option in that platform where it allows you to embed the video on another page and copy paste that code in the Bot message bubble.

As an extra example, check this help doc which does the same for Google Maps and Slideshare Slides: