Activate Bot ON PAGE With Link?

So, how would I activate a bot on a page with a click on a link (like my registration link, here: ), so it pops up, or slide in like the preview?

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@Nookie For this just add the class name tars-widget-open on the link, on which you want this behavior (i.e. clicking on that link should activate the Bot)

A link in a page is made using an <a> tag e.g…

<a href=""> Click me to go to google </a>
Clicking on this will take you to

By adding a class i mean doing this:

<a class="tars-widget-open" href=""> Click me to go to google </a>

But clicking on this will also open the link which you may not want, so instead use this:

<a class="tars-widget-open" href="#"> This will open up Bot Widget </a>


Awesome! Thanks!


OR… Here’s another idea…

Is there a way to make it into a page-sized form (with my header and footer), like Typeform? So, it creates a progressive form?

Because that would be AN AMAZING experience, and allow longer content to be more available (larger viewing area) for slower readers and thinkers.

Embedding or typeform would be pretty cool - we have a link to the bot on it’s own page but it would be nice to nest it in our pages :slight_smile:

If I’m understanding your response correctly, this is a way to launch the widget from a link somewhere else on the webpage? If this is the case, is there anyway to launch the widget from ?_startgid=XX using the same method on the webpage? The use case would be a bot that navigates a website. As you click to different webpages on that site, you could offer a CTA in the hero section that launches the bot at the specific GID that covers that content. Currently, this is what I do with my main bot, but instead of launching in the widget attached to each page, it opens the chat bot in a different URL with the startgid code. It really changes the way customers can interact with the website, but it would be much cleaner if it was launched in the widget instead of a separate URL. Thought on this?

Hey Will - you can embed the bot within your webpage using an iframe. Something like this -

Is that what you are looking at?

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Actually, that’s perfect!! :smile:

One other thing! on that Trump v Hillary chatbot site, you’ve got your TARS bot on the left, and your Drift chat on the right, how does one achieve this? :smiley:

You want to move the Tars bot widget to the left of your webpage right?

Here is how you can do this -

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You seem to know all the answers Ish :sunglasses: thanks!

Haha. Just sharing links from the help section :stuck_out_tongue: