Add a "typing" dots option in the bubble

I would like to have the same typing dots we see when a gambit is starting available to be inserted also beteeen 2 bubbles, it emulates better the “human conversation”.


Hi @dan,

I have been wanting to do this for some time, but was grappling with a design issue.

Here are the features on this new update:

  1. We are now using a CSS based typing animation, instead of a gif image. which is faster to load and looks better.
  2. The typing animation will always be displayed before the the first message bubbles in a gambit.
  3. The typing animation will be displayed between two message bubbles in a gambit, if the message delay between them is greater than a threshold value. Which currently is 1.2 sec
  4. The typing animation will be displayed while any API call is being made in a gambit, before the messages being displayed.
  5. The color of the dots in the typing animation will be same the colors of the text on the bot message bubbles. i.e. dependent on the background color of the bit message bubble.

Now that this is pushed, check it out in a bot. Note that you may have to clear your browser cache to see the update.


Tested it and works great. indeed css makes a difference. Thank you for this request implementation!

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Woo hoo.

Can’t wait to check this out

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Hey Vinit, sorry to bump the old thread.

I was curious to know the process of setting this up. is there any tutorial on the same setup?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @thesureshg,

You don’t have to do anything to see this. This is system’s default configuration

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Gotcha :slight_smile: Just observed it. Thanks, Vinit.