Add fb pixel in a gambit

Hello all, is there a way to add a fb pixel in a Gambit, for example at the end of a leadgen bot, so i can mark the visitor as converted in my fb custom audience? i know i can redirect it through a “pixeled” redirect page, but this method has flaws.


Hi @dan,

There is way to add custom JS code on your ChatBot page, although currently only we can add it from our end.
Adding a custom code on a specific Gambit is not possible though.

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is this feature still available only from your part or can it be done by us also?


That will be awesome


This is not yet available to be added directly in the Dashboard.
This needs to be done from our end.

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Hey @dan,

This is noe possible. You just need to add your FB Pixel ID in the configure section of your Chatbot and set your Goal Gambits. Goal Gambits are your conversion gambits, i.e… the gambits on which you are collecting the user’s info like email or phone number.

When the user responds on a goal gambit, the FB pixel event for lead is fired.

Check these 2 associated help docs to set FB Pixel ID and Setting Goal Gambits: