Add Space with Multiple entries?

I haven’t experimented with multiple entries before, but I noticed that the entries (while separated by a comma) do not have the additional space after the comma. Frivolous maybe, but as a writer it makes my eyes bleed haha! Something you can change possibly?

Or is there a split code we can use to separate out individual responses ourselves like what you use top split a full name?

Hey @Levi,

Didn’t get you. What you mean by multiple entries?

Multiple bubble input activated and the user choices two or more selections.

Can you give me the Bot link, with the _startgid param for that gambit.
will take a look, and see how to fix it

Hey, sorry I took awhile for me to get back on this. Here is the link:

Update: I created a workaround, but I ended up having to use it on one area. It’s not a big deal to me, but it will probably be noticed by customers before too long. One of my bots is officially getting outside testing for a major feature rollout I am doing.

I’m building (almost complete) a website that is fully integrated with a chatbot for the rollout of a new License/ID for Montana that has been adopted by all 50 states. This will be the first website of its kind certainly for the 50 states, but maybe beyond. The bot launches for numerous tasks while on the site including an automated checklist to see if your have all the correct documents to apply, additional information that turns into a lead gen (scheduling an appointment) since the designation is voluntary, and finally, the rollout of our license fee calculator.

The calculator runs numerous functions, including a date range feature that determines if extra fees are applied based on expiration (thanks to @vinit).

Everything is on track to go live on September 1st, so get ready for a live link shortly after!

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Nice :smile:

Did the earlier thing (about no spaces after comma) got resolved for you?

No, but it is a lot more minor issue now. It only applies to one instance and it is not as glaringly obvious. If you could add a space in between the comma and the next input when recall a multiple bubble entry, it would solve the issue. But like I said, it’s not life or death at this point.