Adwords Ad customiser data into Messaging copy

Hey Tars Team, This will be a game changer for your product roadmap.

Suppose we are setting up a nationwide company lead gen campaign. To make it more personalized, we can add the city name into the AdWords ad copies, and other similar services name based on their search. The data is pulled into AdWords from a feed we set up. That’s the AdWords setup part.

If you don’t know about ad customizer; here is the video

Now in the messaging part after they click on the ads and visit the messenger.

The data is stored in partial data, this is what I learned from this video

is it possible to retrieve the data from the partial data and display it on the messaging part? It makes the bot very much personalized too, and dynamic too.

Didn’t understood?

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The ad target sun city, and it is mentioned in the ad copy of AdWords ad. But it’s never present in the messenger copy.

And there are 100’s of mechanical services, 1000’s of the city names too, We can’t make a bot for each service, and cities no? what if they have 100+ services… it’s very hard to set up and target them.

This is where ad customizers help in setting up very dynamic ads based on the search, geography and all. When we pull that data and use it in our messaging copy… The magic happens and I’m sure that helps a lot in the conversion rates too.


Hi @thesureshg,

Thanks for posting this. This is really interesting.

Just so I have understood it clearly, you want to include some part of the Ad Copy and other properties based on the user himself (their location, search keywords, time of the day etc…) within the Bot Conversation for creating more relevance in the user’s mind. Is that correct?

If yes,
This can be done by the URL paramters feature that you have identified.
Bascially some of the relevant Ad Customizer values needs to be passed as URL parameter in the Final URL. Once there, you can refer to them in the Bot Conversation to customize it

According to this support doc:

You can include ad customizers anywhere in your text ad except in the final URL field.

But seems like there are workarounds for this, using ValueTrack Parameters.

Will have to do a test run with this to fully understand.

Let me know if you want to do this and I can help you out on how to do the configuration in your Google Ads Dashboard to achieve this.


@vinit Hey Hi, You got it right. Taking up the user data (location, search keywords etc) into bot conversation.

Sure, lets get it started, I 'll use my test AdWords account to set it up.

let me know what is the best email address to reach you out for this?


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Great :smile:

You can reach me at:

It would be better to just ping us on the Live Chat on the bottom right corner in the Dashboard.
If someone else from our team responds to you before me, just ask them to connect you with me. :slight_smile: