Auto-advance/time delay Gambit

Picture upload can be quite abrupt, and so can some other gambits. After a user has uploaded a file, there is no way of confirming, or saying thanks. I could create another gambit to say ‘thanks’ but I’d need the user to then act on that, by either skipping or pressing an option.

Can we create a gambit that Auto-Advances or can be advanced to the next gambit after a set delay? Is that something totally obvious that you’ve already got planned? :wink:

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You can just put the message in the next gambit that you want to use. Like after the image upload, you want to ask the user for their email, then in the gambit which asks for the email, just add an extra message bubble at the start saying Thanks for uploading the image, and you can set any amount of the delay before showing the next message bubbles asking for email.