Auto-Close Button or Widget Close-Out Callout

This may seem like a weird request, but could it be possible to have an option on a button that closes the bot widget down? I know a large amount of users are literate with tech, but it can be slightly confusing if you are using the url code to launch the bot, that requires the user to close the bot and select another option from the webpage. The use case would be a FAQ on a webpage that gives the answer in the bot. The user would then close out the bot to ask another question. This process would confuse users the first time without an explainer added to each question to guide users (definitely not ideal). However if you offered a button that said “select another question” and it auto closed the widget on interaction, the user could select another option from the webpage without having to think about it.

I can think of other use cases where the webpage link to a widget could be great way to offer additional info or a quick API function that will run really smooth with the auto-close button at the end. Or maybe this could be activated by using a call out around the close button that says “click here to continue” when activated.


This looks like a useful feature, controlling few of the Bot widget’s functions from within the conversation itself.
Have to think about what’s the best way to configure such options from the builder, without making it overly complex.

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Resurrecting this conversation because closing a bot has become an issue for me. There really needs to be a way of just closing the window if the Auto Page Redirection URL is blank.

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@mantic there is a way to auto-close the widget on conversation end by adding a widget option in the code snippet.

Ping us on the live chat, will help with the same.

Hey @vinit - possible to share it here itself?

Could be useful for other in the community as well.

Yeah makes sense.

The widget option is


if you add this in window.tarsSettings object in the code snippet, the widget will close automatically as soon as the conversation ends.

Check this help doc to see how to add a widget option in the widget code snippet:

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Worked like a charm, thanks. :grinning:

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@Levi we have released an easy way to control all these widget options now.

Check it out here

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