Auto-Reengage on Bot End

So, could a bot for a particular issue/service send a note to revisit the chat again after a specified period of time, so that you can engage and check in with the user?

Like 1 week after a customer service conversation?

It would be added to the redirect of the bot, I would think, so only for a specific terminal ending.


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@Nookie I feel what you are looking for is a way to send notifications to the users via the bot and get them back into a conversation right?

This is not possible currently but I’d love to understand a use case where you are trying to accomplish this.

In future, the bot could probably be something like a PWA(progressive web app) sitting on your homescreen which can send you a notification and start off the conversation.

Yes, something like that.

Let’s say that someone used the bot a week ago to learn more about uploading photos on my site (since we have a lot of options in the works).

Now, I would love the bot to touch base, and make sure they are comfortable with the process, and ask if they have any questions.

Another option: A bot get triggered by code (mine or yours) when a person has done X number of things over Y period of time. In my case, at least 20 messages over 3 days, for example.

The bot will then touch base with the user to get feedback on the “match.”

After 2 weeks, the bot touches base again, to see if the feedback has changed.

It’s a good way to track questions and behavior over time.

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