better than Zapier?



Who here has tried In my limited experience, much easier than Zapier, cheaper, and the interface make more sense to me. I built a little information campaign for a new Federal ID we are offering. The website has a coming soon page up that has an option to sign up for updates and be the first to find out when we are offering appointments (it’s going to be a mad house rush because they will need this ID to fly domestically in 2 years so everyone is going to want one). They can either engage the widget or hit the Subscribe Now! button. The bot is integrated with Mailchimp using to handle all the API handoffs. When a person subscribes to the list, they get a clean, custom email sent by Mailchimp to their inbox.
Back to using TARS original design function lol!
I wonder also if is treated like Zapier on the TARS pricing side of things as a “simple integration” so it can be used on the free account and the standard @vinit?


I tried and agree the usability and pricing is much better than Zapier. The problem I ran into is they did not have enough recipes coded for the things I was looking todo. Zapier had more options ready to go so I switched. However that was about 8-10 months ago so hopefully their catching up. I just recently tested Pie Sync and it’s looking extremely promising as well. Hope we can get integration with both for TARS


More options are always good. But yes, is behind Zapier on available integrations; however, they seem to have quite a few when I recently used them. All the TARS lab experiments can be completed using automate, but other custom integrations may be lacking. I’m leaning toward using both on the low level plans for different instances. Automate for clients that need a small amount of data transferred that can be solved through their available integrations, and Zapier for everything else.