Bar code scan ability

I am looking for the ability to scan bar codes into my bot
can this be done?

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Hmm…:thinking: Interesting feature request.
Have to see if this is even possible. Can you tell us a bit about the use-case that you want to use it for.
Maybe I can suggest some API integration based solution.

We repair lawnmowers and other equipment. I created a bot to check in the equipment we add the customers name address and such. We also add the model and serial number of each piece plus pictures. Some of the equipment has bar codes next to the serial numbers. So I would like to be able to scan the barcode into the serial number data field so I do not have to manually enter it

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Hi @Bobfixusa,

I think you can use some Barcode reader API to achieve this.
You can send the URL of the uploaded image to these APIs and it can potentially return the data read from that image.

Check these APIs for the same: