Better Image/Gif viewing Experience

Hey Guys,

We have released a really cool design update in the Bots, which allows your end users to better view the image/gifs that comes in the Bot messages that come as a part of the conversation. They can simply tap on the image and it will open the image as expanded view and on mobile devices they can also zoom-in/zoom-out for better viewing of images.

Check it out here:

More details can be found here in this blogpost:

We have also tweaked how the images/gifs are displayed within the conversation. It now displays a placeholder gif while the image/gif is loading, and shows the image only when it is fully loaded. Making the experience a bit more pleasant.

Hope you guys like the new updates. Would love to get your feedback on the same.


Nice! I think this will be a great feature for ecommerce, real estate, and any other use that relies on pictures of products.

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Awesome update! And the chat bot story example you provided is hilariously funny and awesomely engaging! Lol

Who came up with the idea of this story and who make those cool illustrations? It was a breeze of fresh air to go through it!


Thanks @Ziadjbt78 :smile:

it was made by one of the Bot makers on the TARS platform.
And i think he used Bitmoji for the graphics.

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do we have an option to disable the zoom feature? I find it distracting for the user experience in some cases. It’s great for some uses, but in one of my bots the graphics are there just as decorating elements to break the monotony of text, I wouldn’t want the user to zoom in …

So is it possible to actually choose to enable the zoom feature on demand?

That is not yet possible. Maybe in the future we can add an option to disable zoom on selected images, if enough users ask for it.

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