Bot Branching off to external link

Hey guys,

Got one for you, I have a scenario where I want to do the following…

  1. Run and Ad to a landing page
  2. Landing Page as a Name and email and “get my guide”
  3. Get my guide send people to the bot, to download the guide.

That works and is easy…

Here is my issue, how do I allow the to download the guide, but keep the bot sequence going? When I add the external link to download the guide, they leave the bot and are gone and I want to keep going to offer then higher priced items.

Make sense?
Any way to store guides, pdf’s…etc internally in Bot, so I don’t lose them when they go download it?


To allow the link to download some content without opening a new tab, you can put a custom HTML in the Bot message bubble. For this You can try copy and pasting this piece of HTML code in the message bubble:

<a href="" download="" target="_blank" >Download</a>

Note that you need to copy and paste it in the message bubbles in the builder. Typing it out won’t work.

In thie HTML replace the link of the pdf to your link and you can also replace the Download text between the tags to something else which will be visible in the message bubble.

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Thanks, that works great. Let me try it out for a bit and see what happens when I replace my links.

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