Bot Examples/Templates

Hey everyone.

We have been adding a good number of examples in our bot showcase( gradually and it is quite extensive right now. Covering a variety of use cases and industries.

In the long run, we see this as a huge repository which can be used as templates and copied directly in your builder, making the bot making process easier than ever.

And now I have a couple of questions for you -

  • are you really getting benefited from this? Have you looked at these bots for inspiration and got real value?

  • what other examples/templates would you like us to add here?


I really look forward to being able to use templates to help get the ball rolling on different projects, maybe just change some images etc. but also, for changing language where different site languages are used. Is there any ETA on being able to copy templates?

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Hi @karl,

We will be releasing this feature in the first half of feb.

Templates and examples are wonderful. My particular interests include:
Personality quizzes, with scoring and results/categories. I’m not talking about silly quizzes like “what kind of cat are you?” or “what is your favorite color?”, but rather creating actual psychological tests like Meyers-Briggs. So I can keep visitors on my site while delivering helpful experiences.

Yes I have already been using this for inspiration by also to better understand how they work and whether I can use some of the elements in my own bots

You can use Facebook bot for that matter. Contact me for more details.

I didn’t quite get that. Would be great to know what exactly you meant.

Personally I have built every bot from scratch. This isn’t because the bot templates are not useful, but because exploring the conversation flows and logic behind the flows helped me grasp what ways I wanted to use the bots. Now, templates will be great for everyone, but I think they should be rated by users with reviews, have more than one option depending on specific features, and have some attached data (like analytics) on who the bot is most effective on (and maybe some tips and or tricks on how to target different audiences). I’m thinking like themes for websites that you can download, but for bots.

I would suggest building feature centric bot templates (like a bot that runs an API that will drastically help an business in an industry provide something for users then build out some basic intro and exit branches that say “enter your business slogan here”, “[your business name]”, etc. throughout the bot, so users can literally follow step-by-step instructions.

As TARS grows, I would suggest allowing independent bot builders a avenue to build bot templates that cost a little extra money (depending on their usefulness/complexity) that users can purchase for say $5 to use as their template like website themes. This would create a competitive space that drives your bot templates, bot solutions, and creates incentives for developers to contribute their templates to your services.


Oh my! This is such an amazing idea. @Levi, I really want to thank you for bringing such awesome ideas to the community :smiley::+1:


Bot template marketplace. Nice :smile:
It might take some time

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My pleasure! TARS is what brought me to bots, so I’m here to stay. @vinit I would imagine so, but I will have a few ready I’m sure if you decide to go this direction!