Bot icons/images


Anyone have some cool bot icons to share? I’ve made a couple that don’t seem to work.

tars icon weird


Hey @MikeyBot

Thanks for asking this.
Would love to know about the community’s thoughts on the images for the CTA, and what kind of images do you prefer to use for the CTA of the bot widget?


I found a robot character on Depositphotos that was inviting and downloaded 3 or 4 different vectors that each had 6 versions of the bot doing various poses and expressions. I redesigned the entire website, and did so in a way to highlight the bot system. The bot (named BEN) now has brand recognition in the CTA, the widget, and he’s the first thing you see when the bot launches. I think bringing this level of recognition is important to successfully pointing users to your bot. Pick a character (even if it is yourself) and brand everything bot related to that.


I like this icon :slight_smile:


Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing!!


I love bots, but my clients never want to keep the robot image. Would love to have a simple smiley-face icon as one of the default options for the bot image. I realize the process of substituting a little piece of code isn’t much to ask, but somehow I’ve messed it up for three clients in a row. Fortunately, ish and vinit always come to the rescue! Thanks guys.


+1 to this

The ability to control the image eg. put in a company logo or anything you like would be big!


You can do this even now by adding a simple line of code in your existing bot widget code. Here is how you can do it -

For instance, check this site where you have a custom bot widget icon -