Botacademy? Another way to monetize bots? Bot-marketplace

I was chatting with my former co-founder yesterday about chatbots. Showed him the new bot I created:

He responded with showing me this link:

Saw the introductory video. I realized people are paying this guy just to teach them how to create chatbots and integrate it into their FB messenger while we here at hellotars community have had the opportunity to learn it & deploy it for free!

The world needs to know more about HelloTars! :robot:

//random thought//
Aside from getting hundreds of thousands of pesos from the leads that our real estate bots have generated, maybe there’s also money in creating a local bot-market. How much would we sell our pre-made bots though?


I am working on this with my business partner as we speak, but we are targeting big business/institutions for custom bot builds. There is definitely a market for them. And in some cases, small business clients could even replace their website with a TARS bot. The fact of the matter is bots bring a level of simplicity that users crave, while still being complicated enough to provide advanced features.

The advanced features are what will drive the market. AI is around the corner, and bots will be delivering much of that service. I’m personally going to strive to push what is possible with bots, because I love a good challenge.

Our primary use-case is BEN (Bot Enhanced Navigation), which I built for the Montana Motor Vehicle Division. I figured if bots could make getting a driver license easy and delivering a pleasant user interface, then what could we do for everyone else? If you haven’t previewed this bot yet, you can see it here.


I checked out BEN. That’s awesome!!
I actually never ever thought of bots replacing websites! This is gold! Thank you Levi!


Just like apps/websites, building chatbots requires good amount of experience and expertise. There is just so much that goes into building good conversations and @Levi has already written about it in much detail.

And I am sure there are brands/businesses who are willing to make use of this expertise. Costing might depend on a number of factors though.

@RealEstateBotMaker have you started offering Bot as a Service(BaaS :stuck_out_tongue:) to any businesses?


We’re fortunate to have you guys do the heavy lifting (creating the infrastructures for the bots):robot:

I have not offered yet, but I’m moving to that direction (hopefully fast enough to get a big share of the Philippine market).
There is soo much these chatbots can do for small & medium enterprises here in the Philippines.

Just today, we were staying at a boutique hotel run by an old lady, I was thinking, if I offered to create her bots to get more customers, her hotel would have 100% occupancy rate.

Great view from the hotel😆