Bots For A Publicly Traded Real Estate Company

Hello everyone! Mabuhay!

I would like use this post to update the community.

The idea of having a publicly traded real estate company in the Philippines to use HelloTars bots are finally coming into fruition.

Yesterday, 7 December 2017, I was given the opportunity to speak at Megaworld International’s annual gathering. Megaworld is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange with a market cap of PHP166B or appx USD3.2B, as of Dec 8.

The idea is simple: create a LeadGen bot to be deployed in every major city across the world.
Megaworld International currently deploys agents in North America (US & Canada), Europe, Middle-East, Asia Pacific & Oceana.

If successful, we will see a proliferation of HelloTars bots assisting people around the world (especially Filipinos) in their purchase or investment in Philippine real estate properties.

I will take the lead in setting this up this January 2018.

The only weak point in this venture is the lead management. As we all know, data from the conversations are automatically emailed to us and stored inside HelloTars in-app database. This is problematic when you have 100 agents in the roster. Having the data of the lead emailed to 100 agents simultaneously will not work.

What I’d hope to do to solve this problem is be able to move the data of the lead straight to our CRM (CLOUDSERVIZ). From our CRM, we could manipulate the data and have it distributed to individual agents on different intervals or have a rotational system to distribute the data.

To @ish & @vinit, I hope you guys will be able to read this. We built CLOUDSERVIZ from PHP, I don’t know if that would be of any value, but I hope you guys could help us on this.


My knowledge on this is limited, but from what I have read, you could accomplish this with Zapier and Fieldbook (or a similar variation) The crux would be the location as a trigger to send the lead to the agent that represents that area. If you have an agent working New York City (call them Rep B) and the user selects “New York City” that data would be filtered into Fieldbook (or whatever database you have) and an API would read “New York City” with a command to send the lead to Rep B’s email based on the city trigger. If you have multiple agents working a city then you would accomplish this via geo-location on a specific address and separate the city into zones. If the address is in rep A’s zone then the trigger would send the email to Rep A through an API.
That’s the way I would imagine it anyway. If you need any help, you know where to find me!


I’m also using bots for RE leads - let’s chat :wink:

Email me at michael_sneddon at hotmail dot com :slight_smile:


Hey Jake! Do you have an API endpoint available for Cloudserviz? I was just checking out their website but couldn’t find it.

If there is an API available for Cloudserviz, you can every easily send all the leads collected via Tars bot to this CRM. This would require API/Zapier integration.

Let me know about it and we can help you out then.

Sorry for such a late response on this. Totally missed this one.