Bots For Generating Real Estate Leads

We’ve deployed 9 bots specifically for real estate and from the months of Jan to May 2017, our brokerage have closed leasing transactions amounting to more than ₱10M.

Our success in using TARS for our own brokerage spurred the idea of creating a lead exchange site to which we implemented in April 2017. The outcome is now

TARS is slowly revolutionizing how we real estate professionals can use bots to provide potential clients with real-time responses on top of a great user experience.

As brokers, agents or leasing managers, we can’t all be glued to our computers or mobile devices all the time to interact with leads and hiring personal assistants to answer redundant questions is a waste, TARS bots can now help us maximize time with all our current clients without losing potential new clients.

Here’s one of our squeeze pages powered by TARS:

For improvement, I’d like to suggest:

  1. A way for us to use BCC on the email forwarding feature. This way, leads can be sent to all the team members without them knowing who else received it.
  2. An option to change the body of the email. Instead of using: “Hello there,
    You have received a new user data submission. Here are the details :” we’ll have the option to edit/modify it.
  3. A WordPress plugin to send leads from chatbot to an HTML table. That way, we don’t need to export the CSV’s from TARS and use TablePress plugin to upload it to WordPress. Not all real estate professionals have great technical knowledge so a WordPress plugin would be a blessing from the old God’s and the new.

This is really interesting use-case. Automating some part of the job of lead capture and qualification.

Some really great suggestions for improvements. First 2 points are something i agree and it is already part of the product Roadmap. 3rd point is something new and interesting. It’s like having a a Tabular View of the Data for easy viewing.

Hi @RealEstateBotMaker,

I’m also in the Philippines and did some real estate lead gen bot as proofs of concept. (have yet to pitch mine to a broker)

So happy to see TARS users from the Philippines. :slight_smile:

Would kindly share your insights on how I can market my REbots to brokers like you?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @vinit! Pretty exciting to know the first 2 points are going to be included in the future!
For the 3rd point, Yes! Not having a tabular view is our pain-point. For now, we’re left with this:
Clunky-Outdated Table

For a real estate team, having a way to show leads in a tabular view would streamline the process of closing the leads. It can be seen as a ‘simple tweak’, but the impact in the business process would tremendous!

Oh boy! Can’t wait!

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Hey there @cathy! I’m loving that there are fellow Filipinos in here!

Leads are like the holy grail in Philippine real estate (or everywhere else for the matter). Brokers, agents and leasing managers are willing to pay thousands of pesos to, Lamudi, Zipmatch just to get leads.

The short answer on how you can market the REbots to my fellow brokers is for you to able to prove that your Lead Gen Bot is getting tons of sale or rental leads at least daily. Once you prove that, real estate professionals will flock you. Maybe give your prospects a 7-day trial (or whatever amount of days you see fit). It’s like try before you buy kind of thing.

For our brokerage, we mostly focus on Rentals/Leasing Leads because that’s the easiest leads to close compared to sales. From our 8-9 bots, we’re getting 18-19 full leads minimum everyday. (x2 partial leads).

Here’s another sample of our bot:

We developed a 2-tiered approach:

1st Tier - We deployed bots that will focus on specific properties like The Residences at Greenbelt, Park Terraces, One Serendra, Two Serendra. This way, we capture people who are specifically looking to rent condos in these high-end properties. [You can think of this as casting a smaller net]

2nd Tier - We deployed bots that will capture the general public. You can check the bots here: , , (for houses) &

[This one, you can think of it as casting a wider net]

Those who scape our smaller nets will eventually be captured by our wider net.

To sum it up: Try buying domain names of cities, villages, condos or developments that your target customer (brokerage, broker, agent) might be farming. Then, just like what we did, incorporate it with your bot, give your customer a trial period and then charge that fee that you deserve. Money in the bank!

Good luck!


I agree, the Tabular form display of data will be useful to a lot of other people. I have already added this in the features to be added.

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Thank you @vinit for considering our suggestions. This is a great reason to celebrate!

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@RealEstateBotMaker Jake, this is some serious stuff!! Thanks a lot. Doing notes now. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, I’ll get even half the number of leads you get per day! Maraming, maraming salamat!

Keep shining!

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Wow! Awesome! Glad I could help! :grinning:

Btw, worst case scenario your target customers don’t see the value of your bots, you can then sell your leads to other real estate professionals just like what we did at PhilippineLeadExchange. Putting noting to waste lol :grin:


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Btw, just an added bonus:

Realistically, you cant expect to get tons of traffic to your bots the moment you deploy. Best to use Google Adwords Express to help kickstart the traffic. It’s fast and cheap vs Google Adwords.

The usual “SEO best practices” and social media marketing takes time to get you organic traffic. Since you need to prove your bot works asap, this is the best option to take.


Thanks again for these tips!

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You’re welcome! Just let me know if you have more questions.

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