Bots that create charts


Is there a way, someone can put in information into a bot that would ask them different questions and at the end of the conversation, the bot would generates charts and graphs about the information it has collected?


Hi @salim_hoy,

This sounds like something which is possible, but I didn’t understand properly.
Can you please elaborate a bit more, with some example use-case.


I think it is something like where the chat bot ask, how many workers will be working on monday, and what are their hours for that day, and which other days are other workers scheduled to work. How far has the work gotten, on a scale of 1 to 10, how far is the goal achieved, and all those kind of work questions that once the chat is over, there are charts generated from the information, where you rank or yes for 1 and 0 for no, or numbers placed in on how much work has been done if that explains it better.


let me know if you understand my reply, thanks :slight_smile:


I think this is possible, if you have an API, which takes these numbers in some format and returns image(s) or pdf(s) of chart based on the given data. That image can be displayed in the bot messages or be made avaialble to download in the bot conversation.

The most important part here is ofcourse the API which converts all the data collected by the Bot and turns it into a chart image/file to display/download.

If you have such API available, you can make such a bot quite easily


that sounds lovely, if anyone knows or you know, and can give me an example, that would be fantastic, as soon as our company has paid for the bot, i can integrate it in, at the moment, i would not know how to make this API, i just saw a trainer had this system on a whole excel file and it hit me that TARS Bot can also do this, but what would be missing is the API, and that part i would need help from to see how i can do it to implement it in the bot which is much easier to do than in an excel file. Please let me know


Webhook the data to a Google Sheet that is basically an Excel spreadsheet, but easy to send and receive data from. You will need a thrid-party service such as Zapier or to do complete the data transfer, but they are easy enough to set up. You could probably set up a chart in the spreadsheet that fills out once the data is entered into the columns on a row. The part I wouldn’t know how to accomplish is pulling that chart out of Google Sheets, storing it as an image. After that is figured out, you would set up a data iteration (I believe) to pull the image of the chart in from where it is stored and display it in the bot. That’s my guess anyway.


cool, would have to trial and error that part as i am new to it, but if anyone beats me to it, let me know and see


That’s a pretty solid way to make the Charts. Using the Google Sheets itself.
Pulling that chart from the google sheet as an image is something needs to be seen.