BUG: Date scroller is not translated into Spanish

We have reported this bug by email on May, 11. As we told you, this is CRITICAL for our business.

“We have a trouble when adding date scroller in our bots. We have setted Spanish as the language of the bot but Date scroller months are in English!. This is a problem because our customers are old people and they dont speak english.”

We need an urgent solution!

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Hi @fiablezadm,

Really sorry for the delay in this. I am glad to finally tell you that we have pushed the update for this and you should now see the correct Spanish language texts for months and others in date scroller, when you have set the Bot language to Spanish (es). You can check it out here - https://chatbot.hellotars.com/conv/SkNQli/?_startgid=14

Hope this resolves the issue. Again really sorry for the delay in this and thanks for being patient with us.


Hi Vinit,

The issue is now solved. Thank you for your effort.


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