Cancel email report on auto-redirect

Don’t mean to flood the TARS team with feature requests, but they’re more like suggestions as I come across them lately. It would be nice if we could deactivate sending an email report on certain auto-redirect gambits that we don’t necessarily need an email for. For example, now that we have the auto-close feature, I’m trying to weave the bot and the website together to perform numerous functions like displaying additional information, calculating fees, and other quick services that assist the user on the webpage instead of funneling them through the bot to complete a service.

However, using the auto-redirect in this manner sends me a lot of emails that I don’t need or want. I only want to see emails with ratings and reviews to monitor the effectiveness of the bot. Thoughts?


Thanks @Levi For this feature request.
Please don’t hesitate from giving these suggestions. I think they are immensely valuable.
And we go through them and consider the best way to adopt them in the product.

I think this particular feature request fits in the smart notification system that we already started building with the start of the partial data email notification. We will consider making some configuration options to enable such capability.