Changing the first gambit



I’ve run into this a time or two where I would like to change the intro gambit to a different one that has a ton of conditional logic built into it. In my most recent case, I’m helping a client of sorts build a FAQ bot. In this case they have over 50 conditional jump options with multiple cases under each branch. I was reviewing the bot, and I realized that they would be better off making the FAQ search their opening gambit. Now I know I will likely not have a solution now, but it would be nice to be able to designate the opening gambit in the future or copy/transfer an existing gambit’s information into the opening gambit. When we are considering the longevity of bots, this option would make big changes more user friendly.


Hey @Levi ,

I think it makes sense to give this option. the reason that it is not yet there, because it was just too many config option. But we’ll figure out a way to allow this config in a simple way.


Totally understand that. I was going to bring it up months ago, but I couldn’t justify the request when it was just adding buttons and some text to the existing gambit, but over 50 branches in conditional jump logic with keyword instances was just too much for me. Like I wrote in the internal search function topic, I ended up prompting the user for their email right away and building in that little trick later. Always something new to learn or implement! Thanks!