Chatbot with NLP

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way that I can make my bot handle NLP queries as well??


Hi @kamran - can you please explain more as to what you would want to do here?

Do you want to connect the Tars bot with some other NLP engine?

Ish, I guess… he might wanted to integrate with dialogflow.

Hi @ish, thank you for your reply. Currently, my bot does not handle NLP queries. Is there a way that we can modify our bot to handle NLP queries such as: “I want to order a large chicken pizza”, "I want to know the status of my order for ",etc. Citing these examples as my bot is a pizza ordering bot. These are some examples but the user might say in any way he/she desires.
Can you please help me in this.
Eagerly waiting for a quick reply.


+1 for integrating with dialogflow.