Chatbots for Appointment Booking

A few weeks back we launched the Calendar Input UI to the tars builder.

At the time we treated it as just another input UI which we were adding to our already long list of options. After some team reflection and discussion, however, we have come to realize that the Calendar Input UI is not just another input UI, it is a game-changer in the way chatbot marketing occurs.

If you’ve read any of our content, you’ll know that we have bit of a fixation on increasing conversion rates. Our guiding belief is that if you ask a customer for their information through a chatbot instead of a form, they will be more likely to give it to you because the experience is more engaging.

Now, in all of those previous discussions we’ve only really considered the humble email lead, which doesn’t require any special input UI to capture. The Calendar UI however, changes this.

It enables marketers to feel the same conversion rate increase while scheduling appointments!

We were so excited by this idea in fact, that we launched Appointment Booking Bots as a whole new product on ProductHunt:

And we wrote a blogpost about how we envision appointment-booking bots as working:

Anyways, we wanted to share this content with the Tars community to see what you guys thought about it?

Seriously! Please tell us what you think in the comments (especially if you think we are wrong)