Conversational Websites

I’m back! It’s been a little over a year, but I’m back in the community and ready to share all the awesome stuff I’ve been working on. Also, (mild disclaimer) I work as a consultant and chatbot specialist for Tars now :grin:

So… What is a conversational website?

This is a concept that combines the web elements with curated chatbot conversations. The idea is to drive all additional information, sign-ups, special offers, discounts, email sign up, you name it through your Tars chatbot on page. No more page hopping, much greater conversions.

The first fundamental thing you need to understand about this technique is the URL code to launch a chatbot from within the widget on your website (add #tarsbot to the end of your URL). You can have multiple bots or just one and refer to different point in the conversation (using ?_startgid=“ADD GAMBIT ID HERE”).

The chatbot then takes over all secondary functions of the website essentially rendering a one-page landing page as powerful as ten pages all delivered through your chatbot widget on page.

This concept has a ton of potential to deliver a full suite of services to each website user. The real beauty is the chatbot can make multiple attempts to convert the website visitor, but it still feels like a seamless experience.

This technique has been dubbed a “conversational website”. I built as a the proof of concept for this idea. After 60,000 conversations in one year, the chatbot had a 60% interaction rate, users left overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The website went on to claim six award. And was consider the best website/technology of 2019 out of all law enforcement and motor vehicle agencies technology and web services in North America.

If you are interested in learning more about this approach, drop some comments and I’ll shoot a video explaining the concept in more detail!