Cutting through the competition with Chatbots

Every two weeks or so we make it a point to reach out to the creators of some of the more successful chatbots built on our platform to hear their story and turn it into a case study. Other than giving us new content to market, the exercise helps us stay our value proposition.

This past week for example, we spoke with the folks at at GenY Medium about their experience using chatbots for one of their clients client, iKeva.

He revealed to us that iKeva, a co-working space provider in India, had been facing increased competition in recent months especially when bidding for Google Ads, and that chatbots had helped them stay ahead of the game.

By using a chatbot landing page on their ad campaign, iKeva was able to capture, and qualify leads more effectively and they saw a 155% jump in their conversion rate (You can check out their full story over here:

If any of you guys have similar success stories that you feel like we should know about please let us know below. We’d love to hear about them!