Dashboard features for large bots/multiple bots/clients

I like creating complicated bots that have 200+ gambits. It’s challenging; it requires forethought on structuring gambit clusters; and it naturally includes a lot of editing and revising. I’ve noticed two features that would greatly improve the dashboard experience for users. First (and probably most important) is the ability to zoom in and out of the dashboard workspace UPDATE You can do this just by zooming in and out of your browser, which I totally forgot to try before posting this, but I did right after (of course). This allows users to quickly navigate to gambit “clusters” for development and also maintenance of gambits (which needs to always be considered with a large bot).

If you included a magnifying glass option to magnify the area your mouse pointer is in, you could make connection points over large areas easier.

Also, it would be nice to select and drag multiple gambits at a time, so if you decide to add a new section, but there isn’t enough space to squeeze it between other gambit clusters, you can quickly drag multiple gambits out of the way (while still maintaining their order/structure).

Also, folders for our bots would be nice with the option to reorder the bots within. Those of us that are creating multiple bots for different clients could keep them organized in different folders and quickly access the appropriate client and bot that needs maintenance. Just some ideas I had!


I second the requests! I’m working with about 60 gambits at the moment and the navigation is an issue. Zooming, panning, multiple gambit selection (and dragging all those selected) would be a huge time saver…

Also copy paste on multiple connected gambits (a whole branch of gambits for example) would be a great help.

Even with fewer gambits, not being able to see a lot of gambits on a screen (I work mostly on a MacBook Air 11", as I travel a lot (headed out for a 27-day road trip tomorrow), and dragging gambits across to connect them is a hassle.

@Constantine and @Nookie you can hold down control and use your mouse scroll (or the - + buttons on your keyboard) to zoom in and out of the browser, which is responsive on the dashboard and zooms in and out of the gambit area as well. I found this out just after posting this. It’s relatively easy to connect gambits over large areas using this, but it can be hard to grab the right spot at times. Hope this helps!


Some good suggestions here. Specially if you are making a big and complex conversation flow.
I personally manage big complex flows by zooming out on the page itself, using the browser based zoom out, until i can see almost all the gambits, and can move them around and connect them easily.

We plan to make updates in the future, which will help in making bigger and more complex conversations.