Data Referencing

Hi All,
I am collecting the name of the user and then greeting the user.
Is there a way to only use the first name and not the full name?
Example; what’s your name?
Thanks {{ursp.Name}}.
What’s your email {{ursp.Name}}?
In the above example I would like to only use the first name.
How do I do it?
Thanks for your help.

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try this: {{ursp.Name.split(" ")[0]}}

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For us non-technical guys, may we know where do we add this?

just put it in place of {{ursp.Name}}

{{ursp.Name}} shows the whole full name
{{ursp.Name.split(" ")[0]}} shows the first name only

This works when the gambit named Name is asking for a full name


Awesome. Will try this out! Thank you my good sir!

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Thanks @vinit are there any other tricks with “usurp” which you can share?

Was able to try the trick now. It’s so cool!