Different Typeface/Font?

Is there a way for the bot to have a different typeface or font? I’d like to have it more closely match the typography of my site, or at least have a larger font for easier reading. Thanks!


Hi @mantic,

Test typeface customization is not currently possible, but you can change the font-size by using the url param _aA=14
This will set the font-size to 14pt

so for example the URL for the chatbot will become:

Hope this helps

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This is helpful, thanks!

Resurrecting this old question for a related question. Is there a way to change the font size in the Distribution Chatbot Widget Code?


Yes, @mantic,

You need to add a widget option called href in the code snippet and set it’s value to the full Bot URL with the _aA URL parameter with it’s value.

Check this doc to see how to add a widget option in bot widget code snippet:

Excellent, thank you.

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