Direct traffic session created after a URL redirect


I am trying to track the user behavior on the chatbot. In the Chatbot, once the User answers all the questions, he is redirected to a page on the main domain of the site. Now, this creates a false session under direct traffic directly onto that Page. How can we prevent that?

For example:

My Bot URL: - Creates one session - landing page format -********
My Thank you page URL: - creates another session with the thank you page URL as the landing page

Please let us know how we can prevent multiple session creation.

Hi @riddhi,

Didn’t get you. What do you mean by creating False session?

If you mean that you want to differntiate between users that are coming to the bot and users coming to your static website, then you can do that segmentaion right now in your Google Analytics Dashboard based on the URL values. If you want, you can even pass on some utm_source paramaters in these urls to make this segmentation a bit easier.

Hi @vinit,

By false session I mean when redirection happens between 2 different domains (in this case the hello tars domain and the main website domain), there are multiple sessions created for the same session. Like one to the tars domain and one to the website domain.

Hope this clarifies the situation.

Hi @vinit,

Any update on this?

Hi @riddhi,

I still don’t understand the issue clearly.
The Bot is hosted on your own domain i.e.

Here is the link:

So there is no redirection happening from our domain to your domain

Can you please ping us on the Live chat on the website. Maybe we can setup a call to understand this issue.