E-commerce style bot

Hey everyone,
I made my first “e-commerce” style bot (note: I pulled the link as this will be going live soon). This bot allows people to order holsters for handguns, mags, etc., and it is a stand-alone bot that is not attached to a website. I say it is e-commerce style because it does not accept payments (or redirect to a payment screen based on selections), and it does not currently add up all totals of an order. I’m experimenting with Option Val in this bot. My question would be: Is there a way that I can use the Option Vals to add up each selection to give a total amount due at the end of the order (like a {{uval.XXXX+uval.XXXX=total}} I don’t know what I am doing with this, but I think you will get the idea). Then I would like to make a call to this total through PayPal or something. This is my attempt to build a more responsive e-commerce bot moving forward. There are some bugs with the inconsistent images that I need to work out, but otherwise it’s a fun ordering system, and useful once I can make the following updates. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Hi @Levi,

This looks like a amazing idea. The whole E-commerce transaction done over a Bot. Would love to see this in action.

I think any such use-case would definitely require a way to do basic calculations like the one you mentioned. and even more advanced stuff like giving discounts, adding coupons. But to start with, doing basic calculations within the bot is something we have planned. We will be working on this soon, so that you can write basic math expressions and sove them for billing and scoring things.

Currently the most efficient way to do such calculations is using an external math calculating API like this one: http://api.mathjs.org/

Here you simply send out the expressions you want to calculate and the API will return the answer in the response, which you can then refer to and display it to the users. Check it out, it is very simple and fun to use.

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