Email and Phone number validation

Hi, is there any way to do the email and phone number validation in the lead gen chatbots?

This is very crucial to stop the spam data we get into the lead gen bots.

By putting up a validation, sometimes uses mistype the email address too, this might help them to re-enter the correct email address and phone number.

let me know


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Hi @thesureshg,

This is very simple to do. I just wrote this help doc to help you and others, in future.

Take a look:

I did test this, but we want to verify the emails that are valid or not. There are services that provide email validation, and phone numbers as well.

Like for email, there is a service called

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The validation i have mentioned is a syntax based validation. i.e… it looks for the proper email format in the user response (with @ symbol and ending with a .xyz).

What you are referring to is email reachability check. That is something that can be done using the API integration feature, where you can send the email to a 3rd party API which does this email reachability check and tell you if the email is reachable or not.

The service you have mentioned seems to have an API to do this. However I would only suggest you to do this extra check, only if you are getting tons of traffic on your Bot and a significant part of that is Spam. This is not very common, specially if the bot is new and relatively unknown. So I wouldn’t worry about email reachability test unless it is an actual problem, rather than a theoretical one.

I have to strongly agree with Vinit here. Unless you start receiving lots (and I mean large numbers) of spam or bad emails, I would not suggest trying to check every email for reachability. We have many bots, but one specifically has had a significant amount of submissions over the last 6 months (and continues) and so far, not one email has been unreachable using the email validation available in Tars. Unless your bot is trying to trick someone into leaving an email address, or you are forcing them to do something they don’t want to do and would purposely leave a bad email, they will leave their real email and the validator verifies they didn’t make a mistake.

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Understood, syntax based validation is helpful for sure.

I just wanted to make sure the incoming emails are a legit ones. As I charge for each lead, and the authentication of each email is very much necessary. That’s the reason I asked for this.

I will look into API and how to integrate both.

Appreciate the reply and showing me a way to do it.