Expand/Collapse auto-suggestion list



It would be nice if the user could expand and collapse the list on auto-suggestion. The problem with the preview option is if the user is still reading the list takes over the screen, and they must make a selection before they can read the text. I’ve personally begun to move my bots towards the auto-suggestion with conditional logic built in for them to make choices instead of buttons. I like the look, I like how it feels more like a chat conversation, but that is my one gripe about it. Thoughts @vinit?


Have to agree with you Levi, I’ve wanted to start moving to auto suggestion but found that they cover up the text before it so have had to switch back to buttons. Like the more chat like conversion of the auto suggest as well. Thumbs up for expand/collapse or not allowing them to cover previous text. Great suggestion!


With the preview option on, on auto-suggestion the last few message bubbles get immediately occluded and hidden from sight, before the user gets the chance to read them. Giving an extra option for the user, to expand/collapse the suggestion menu would be an extra UI element which the end user will have to deal with.

I am thinking of a better design solution, where the preview gets displayed after a delay, so that the user has read the last message bubbles, or the suggestion menu opens up with a small height, as the user scrolls up on it, it can increase in height… need to try out few things and put it out to figure out the best UX.


Any movement on this @vinit? It has been troublesome in client bot builds to work around. I’m hoping an adjustable timer could be added at the least. Auto-suggest for me has become the primary means of navigation. I only use buttons when I need a Call to Action, which I think heightens their conversion potential.


@Levi Not released anything for this.
I have tried a couple UX for this, it’s essentially a design problem. Will try to release something by end of this month.


Also since this is on the same thread of thought, I was wondering if we could add a one-click submission to the auto-suggestion list when “Only allow list items” is selected. It seems redundant that the user selects from the list and then hits enter when they can only select from the list with that feature activated. This would effectively create two uses of the auto-suggest list… both of which are awesome, stylish, and nuanced in my opinion. Could this be a possibility?


Noted. Will find a way to include this as well.