Facebook Custom audience

Hey there,

Just wondering, How can I create the custom audience on facebook? I know that there is integration with the Facebook pixel.

Facebook pixel collects the whole audience. But What if I wanted to segment the audience based on the option they choose. That’s where the custom audience comes in.

if we are offering two fruits, Apple and orange.

Whoever choose apple, we build a custom audience of it. It’s very powerful in the Facebook space for retargeting with contextual message etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @thesureshg,

This sounds like an interesting idea.
This is currently not available in the product, but if others ask for it, we might work on this feature.

Check this related post about FB Pixel Conversion Tracking:

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it’s a big thing in the Facebook marketing space. You can create a similar audience based on those custom audience you built. Then facebook find the close matched data and the targeting is so narrow and gets most ROI.

For the people who don’t’ know about this, You can watch this video, and ask the Tars team to build it for us :slight_smile:

You will thank me later :slight_smile:

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Thanks @thesureshg,

Let me check this myself and will also pass on internally.
This does look like a very useful feature.

Thanks again for sharing :smile:

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It’s a game changer, to be frank. And you can have the product roadmap for facebook business too for lead gen.

You should look at this video too. Custom conversions. From the custom conversions, you can build a custom audience, lookalike etc too.

You’re welcome, Vinit. I will explain other cool stuff when I meet you in Bangalore :slight_smile:

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And it’s just similar to the event data you pushing to the google analytics.

In those data, we can see all the events happening in the gambits.

If we able to use gambit name in the custom audience or custom conversion of facebook. That will gets the job done way easier for you.