Facebook Messenger bots ARE important

When I started running MVD’s social media accounts, the Messenger responses were absolutely atrocious. There were multiple legitimate messages that were never responded to (I believe our response rate was 60%), and the average response time to messages was “over 28 days”… That’s as bad as you can get. With some hard work and awkward posts…


I brought the response rate up to 100%. Then along came TARS. I created a really simple bot for messenger that offered links to other bots, contact us page, and a FAQ bot. Simple, simple, simple. And it works! Almost all users followed the links to either contact the customer service center or find the info they were looking for. As for our Facebook Messenger stats now? Well…


Yep, and those that continue to send messages after the bot sent out the three automated message bubbles? I chat with them myself. Way more manageable, and better yet, available to customers 24/7.


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