Facebook messenger formatting

I’m trying to get my bot looking a little better in messenger. I find the menu looks weird compared to other bots I use.


Nobody has an answer for this, or I am just missing the obvious?

These are quick replies in messenger and the buttons you add in Tars correspond to quick replies in messenger.

There is a limit on the number of characters you can show in quick replies so that it doesn’t overflow.

That’s not quite what I’m asking Ish, how do I make the option look like the top tool? The button are vertical not horizontal. Vertical works a lot betterj in messenger for the user.

Hi @tlyons,

Currently the buttons in the tars chatbot, maps to the quick replied (horizontal) buttons in the messenger bots. This is because they have the same kind of dynamic behaviour as the actual buttons in the TARS bots. which is that, they disappear once the conversation moves on to the next question (gambit). But with the vertical buttons, those buttons are still visible and clickable even after the conversation has moved to the next question (gambit).

And since those buttons are still clickable even after the conversation has moved on the next gambit, clicking on it will again jump the conversation to the gambit connect to that button option, even though the conversation might have moved way further down in the gambits chain.

Building these vertical buttons, requires some way to not do this, once the conversation has been moved to the next gambit. This is something we will update in the future. But currently all the buttons in the TARS bot, maps to the quick replies (horizontal) buttons.