Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics

hi … i want to discuss about pixel fb and GA
I have installed here https://cl.ly/rBaX
then during preview, i want to check pixel helper and google tag assistant

which appears there are 2 pixels and 2 GA
https://cl.ly/rBzW Fb pixel
https://cl.ly/rCs4 GA

the question is, pixel and GA who is 1 again this?

is there something similar?
because I asked through support chat has not been in response, but already in read :slight_smile:


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Hi @TangguhRifqi,

The other code is the system level code, which is used for tracking the whole product usage.


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Hi @vinit
ok means that pixel and GA of Tars are attached to every chatbot?

Warm regard,

  • Tangguh
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Yes. this code is for tracking the overall product usage and is added in all the bots


ok… i’m clear with this issue… thanks Vinit :smiley:

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Something to do with the analyze feature on the dashboard I take it? :grin:


We actually have just a GA code added on all the Bot pages, which only tracks page visits for all the Bots. Which helps us in tracking the overall usage of the product across all of our customers. This helps us better understand the scale and Geography of the Product Usage Overall. Which helps us make the product expereince better for the end user, both from performace point of view, and from design and messaging point of view.