[Feature Request] - customize widget text



@Team - please add the option to customize the widget text and image based on the API input!

Result intended: when user x clicks on an email link he/she will be sent on the website AND TARS widget will pop up with the sales rep’s photo and a customised message (Hi DAN, i am JOHN, your ACCOUNT MANAGER, i see you are interested into PRODUCT_ADVERTISED_IN_EMAIL how can i help you today? )
The CAPS text are inputs deliverd through API based on the link he/she clicked.


This is a great idea for a lot of uses.

For example, I send out an email to my list about a new training. Are you interested? Click this link.

Takes them to my site, and immediately the bot addresses them with the information they are looking for, offers more details, and guides them to where they need to go to get signed up.


Hi @dan,

This looks like an interesting idea, specically to make sure the initial engagement with the user, so that they see the highly personalized call out message next to the bot widget button and click on it.

From the implementation and usage point of view, I think it will be easier to do this based on URL params on the link. So if you have some added URL params in the parent page link, the bot widget code can pick them up and use it to compose the final call out message, with the user/product/other etc… info in it. with some default values in place, if the URL params are missing.

Would love to know how many other people will use this feature.


That sounds like a plan to me. Can we push in the params also the bot image?