Feature request: track chatbot page


Hey guys I’ve asked about this before but wanted to check if it is happening or even on the road-map… I’d like to track the page that a client was on when they interacted with the chat bot.

Example: I have the same chat-bot on 20 pages. I get completed conversations emailed to me but I have no idea what page the person was on when they completed the conversation - this is very important information.


Hey @michty6,

Yes indeed. This is an important piece of information for analysis.
You can see the same info when you export the Data as CSV, there are 2 extra columns in the Excel with Page URL and Referrer URL info.

Referrer URL is what you are looking for, in case of Bot widgets.

We are actually working on a way to show this info in the Data View section as well, without overwhelming the users with too much information


Is there any way to get this for completed conversations? Just now I get the IP address and even device but not this info.

Having to manually go in and download the data is not a viable solution.


Hey @michty6,

You mean you want to see this Page Visit URL and Referrer URL info in the Data View Section itself, instead of having to download the CSV?

Yes, I agree. This is key piece of info for each conversation, just that with this it will become too much data and too cluttered. We have to figure out a way to show this without much clutter.


Hey Michael!

This feature has now been released.

We are now displaying the page url where user had a chat with the bot in the data view section and email notification you will get for every response.

Check it out for all the new user responses you are getting in your inbox.