Getting Partial Data view Zapier

LOVE the new Zapier integration

At the moment, we put the integration at the END of the sequence.
What if they drop out half way? Any way we can get their data?

Hi @Grant,

Awesome :slight_smile:

If the user drop the conversation in the middle, then you can see that data only in the Partial Data section in the TARS Dashboard. Currently there is no easy way to pipe that data to Zapier, unless you do an API Call on each gambit which is very tedious.

However, in the future we will be releasing an even more advanced form for Zapier Integration, which will allow you to pipe even the partial data outside of TARS and to any other app, over Zapier.

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Hi Vinit, I see this was almost a year ago. Is there a way to integrate, specific gambits to zapier yet? Like when a use give their name or email, Or perhaps specific information? Just something more advanced then end of conversation?

Hey! This is possible using a mix of API integration and zapier. You can define which all fields you would want to send across and then send it over to zapier through webhooks.

Here is a detailed blog post on how you can do this -

Partial email notification could be parsed using the Zapier email parser as well correct @ish ? It sends the notification through the email parser, and as long as you have labeled all your data fields you want sent (which could be all fields if you set it to traverse from gambit to gambit just to capture the data point associated with that gambit and use that email as your template to capture all potential data points).

Then you would set up your flow the correct way and no matter what the user does or whether or not they drop off, you would still get that data in theory as it would all funnel through the Zapier parser. From there you can send it to a Google sheet, SMS, or route it to your regular email.

I plan on using this feature on a couple bot builds in fact to test its functionality. Here’s hoping!

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I think though that approach has everything would happen after the conversation ended, instead of having things happen during the conversation. Correct?

Yes, if they stop mid conversation after a few minutes, the partial notification would trigger. To beat this does require the API calls. You can setup a complicated system to make it work seemless to the end user, but it would be a lot of work upfront for sure.

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Now it is possible to send partial data via Zapier to any other app(like mailchimp or hubspot or google sheets) that you might be using.

Here is the link to Tars Zapier app -