Ghost gambits to run conditional jump logic

So I’ve run into some scenarios that I don’t want conditional jump logic to work on the gambit I have users interacting with, but instead happen behind the scenes after they make a selection. This becomes even more important when I’m referencing two or more entries based on keywords made prior to the user’s selection to guide their path. I’m currently cheating by using a gambit with an API call selected that does nothing. It works as a ghost gambit, but throws an error code in the console since the API call technically fails (annoying, but also a problem if you are running legit APIs and are trying to identify errors).

Now this idea of using “ghost gambits” to run conditional jump logic behind the scenes is particular helpful if you are running a layered key word search and create two or more “ghost gambits” to filter high level keyword through conditional jump logic to very specific keywords to arrive at a successful gambit.

Splitting these types of conditional jumps is much more manageable in numerous areas. I think it would be nice to have designated gambits for these type of features without having to pretend it’s a failed api call. Thoughts?


Yeah, makes sense. I was thinking of adding an option to skip input in the user input selection. This will allow you to insert a gambit in between which does not ask any user input, and can optionally have some bot messages to display.

This will also address the requirement of adding a gambit, which only give some messages to the user and does not ask for any user input at all.

Let me make this.

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Done. Clear Cache to see the update.

Here is the corresponding help doc:

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