Google autocomplete in tars?

Is there a way to bring google maps autocomplete search in a tars gambit ? The scenarionis the following: the user should be able to search for an address / location that we want to use for google maps inquiry via api.

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Hey @dan, this is currently not there in the bots. If you are looking for user to enter their location, you can use the geo-location input type.

Although, I can see that sometimes it can be more convenient for the user to type their location rather than choosing it from a map. I think this might be a useful feature addition, specially under the auto-complete input type category.

we are using geolocation in our project but this scenario popped out when our testers asked for a solution to set a different “starting point” when trying to find businesses(resaturant ao) around a selected lat/long point, different from the location they are now. Something like the experience when one is setting the Starting Point in Google Maps.

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Got it. That’s a good use-case.

Just curious if there has been any movement on this? I’m about to integrate a custom Google Map into one of the bots, and I thought picking your starting point would be rather handy. Actually on that note, is there a way we can have the geo-location pull up a custom map instead of the standard map? This would be really handy if you are pointing people to multiple areas around a large map (say a state or county), and want your specified locations to be the points they see/jump to.