Greeting the user in Facebook Messenger

Hi All,
If you have created a Facebook Messenger bot, how did you capture the name of the user?
Normally I would have used {ursp.Name.split} but with Facebook how do I do it?

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Hi @sponge2,

For referencing data, {{ursp.gid_name}} will work.
Using extra functions after that might not work in Facebook Meesenger, because of platform limitations.

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Hi Vinit,

So to get the user’s name, you need to ask it first?

Some chatbots are able to catch the username in FB Messenger without asking them. Is there’s a workaround?

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Hi @cathy,

Yes, this is technically possible in Facebook, as it has all the info about the user. But currently there is no workaround to do this within the TARS Bot. Something planned for the future.

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Yes, this would be a major feature update for sure. I would really like to create a bot that runs an elastic search referencing the customer website only that would provide options for them to find the info they are looking for. It’s been on my radar for some time as an update to the main bot system. That however, would be a massive advantage in a Messenger bot. People send their message asking about X,Y,or Z. System runs a search based off of your website (or maybe a database). Produces top three hits to your knowledge base. Imagine if you could produce an ecommerce search bot for messenger that produces products for customers based on their input for Facebook business pages! Game changer service…