Group and zoom features

Gentlemen, the last few weeks I’ve noticed how hard it is to keep a proper overview of what’s going on and what is doing what on my gambit canvas and I think it would be super sweet with the following features (that might already bee on your list of future features to come);

1: Zoom in/out of the canvas. That would allow the builder to get a “high ground”-perspective of the bot. (without zooming the browser)

2: Grouping gambits. Grouping gamits into “functions” that could be collapsed to save space to minimize the clutter. Allowing the group to be copied and pasted to be reused as regular gamits would also be a useful feature.

Keep building cool bots and conquer the world!


Hey @TonyJ,

Thanks for amazing feature Ideas :smiley:

  1. Yes, Zoom out / Zoom In feature is already on the Roadmap and we’ll be releasing it in future.
  2. Grouping gambits, it gets a little tricky here. This requires some key design thinking to keep the usability simple. Will keep it in mind and look if other customers are asking for a similar feature.
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