Help - Facebook Messenger Deployment Issue: "Error!! Try Again."

From my chatbot editing page within TARS, when I go to Distribute --> Facebook Messenger and put in the required information (Facebook Page ID and the App Token ID) I keep getting the same error message “Error!! Try Again.”

I’ve been following the directions here:

After many attempts and weeks of trying, I’m reaching out to see if anyone else encountered this issue and how you resolved it?


Still no resolution on this…

Has anyone on here successfully deployed their chatbot in FB messenger?

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I have, but it was many months ago. Has Facebook approved your app? I know they started cracking down pretty heavily on bots and data collection, so maybe the issue is on Facebook’s end.

Hey @Garik,

I was able to find the issue which is causing this error. I am in the process of fixing it.
Will update you soon.

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Thanks @vinit! I was able to get to the stage now where I can submit the bot for review.

Now it’s in Facebook’s hands :sweat_smile:

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