Here are the top FIVE tools you can use to automate tasks 🤖 EVERY DAY

  1. Zapier - Automated data delivery that does it all Send information from application to application on a trigger. You can use Zapier to send data to your CRM, your email marketing tools, and your calendar all at once. We have a native integration with Zapier to make your bot connecting super simple!

  2. HubSpot - A CRM with a generous free version Build pipelines, store leads with TONS of granular data, and track sales emails (including open and click-through rates) all in one place. Take control of your sales process. Tars also has a native integration with HubSpot (coming soon)

  3. Trello - Organize processes with interactive boards Do you like visualizing your processes? Trello creates a kanban board with cards that can be dragged across steps. Each card can contain checklists, tasks, and attachments (great way to track feedback and customer issues collected through your chatbot?).

  4. Airtable - Taking spreadsheets and supercharging them. All of the features you love in Excel plus a whole lot more. Link records, collaborate in real time, filter information, and apply permissions. Their Blocks integration is life changing (especially when integrated with a chatbot :wink:).

  5. Tars - This is the Tars community, but hey! Still need to give this amazing builder a shout out! The next WordPress but for chatbots? Only time will tell :grin:

What tools would you add to this list?

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Great suggestions Levi! I would definitely add Slack bots in there if your team uses Slack for internal communication.

Keeps the entire team informed as well. Super helpful!

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