Ho to do animation effects like the Meditation guide bot?


I was checking out the bot showcase section for some inspiration and then I found this Meditation Bot. There is an interesting effect when the bot is suggesting the breathing technique for meditation-

  • The gambit is growing larger when the bot says ‘breathe in…’

  • The gambit is shrinking in size when the bot says ‘breathe out…’

How can I add similar animation to my bot?


Hey @KamyB,

Thanks for posting this. This is an experimental feature we built for demonstration purpose. It is currently not possible to configure the chatbot to do this in the builder.


:pensive: @vinit ! It would be great if you could add such effects to bot gambits.

Anyway, just out of curiosity, are you doing it by giving the gambit an id and then using JS script to animate that id?


Yes, by giving a DOM id to a message bubble and having custom script added :slight_smile: