Hope we can get a widget or new design

I hope we can get another chat bubble design… like drift or intercom.

Is too big now :frowning:

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I agree. Would like a much smaller footprint.

@chinonet thanks for the feedback. Tars chat interface is big because it is not any other regular chat interface with just an input field.

There are different types of input UIs like buttons, image cards, stars, date and time scroller etc and the chat widget is designed to accommodate all of these. Having said that, we are definitely trying to make the experience better - so would love to have your suggestions.

I think the tar is amazing and i love it.

The design should be cool like tarsbot!

For ideas, check Facebook Messenger or drift.com , they have and really big interface but have more stylish.

¿Maybe is the Font? Would be great if you can pick it from google font for match your site.

or add the robot face or icon like this

Also i like the idea from drift to pick the side bar, like is a menu option

Or maybe with some css make is transparent?

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Love this idea.

I think it relates to having users interact directly within the widget’s pop-up and not needing to go into a new screen as well.

(Similar to how intercom.io do it - where you do not need to leave the page you are currently interacting with and just stay on the system)

I have to agree. I was traveling for a month, and I’m just catching up on everything, but styling is critical.

Here some cool design
CloudApp — Not Found


Thanks for the design suggestion. This seems like the intercom’s messenger design.
We are currently working on to optimize the CTA button for better visibility, customisation and click through which makes more sense for a Bot, instead of the common use-case of live chat.